While the smallest total percentage of my job focuses on service, it has been through these activities that I have been able to recruit and develop a vibrant and productive cybersecurity research agenda and a relevant and engaging teaching portfolio. My service is segmented into two main areas - external and internal to my university role.

External Service

My external service ranges from being the leader of two regional groups - Rocky Mountain Section of the ASEE and the Northwest Region of the American Society of Teacher Educators to serving as the Editor of the ASEE Computers in Education Journal. In addition I serve on the technical program committee of several IEEE conferences (e.g., Cyber Resilient Supply Chain, Smart Cities, ISVLSI) as well as on the editorial board for both IEEE and educational journals and magazines alike. I am also the University of Wyoming / Wyoming representative for the collaborative Nuclear Security Collaboration that combines resources from UWYO, Idaho National Labs Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), and three Idaho universities. Based on my service, involvement, and commitments to these engagements I was named as one of six inaugural CAES Fellows in 2020. In addition to my  scholarship, my service has enabled my elevation to "Senior Member" in both the IEEE and ACM.

In addition to international and nation service, I have also taken on service and outreach that directly impacts our region. For example, I recently co-chaired the 2019 ASEE Rocky Mountain Section Conference here at the University of Wyoming which hosted over a hundred faculty and students in an effort to advance research and practice within engineering education. In addition, I am proud to have participated in the creation and implementation half a dozen K-12 teacher professional developments and many weeks of CS and Cybersecurity summer camps for Wyoming K-12 students. Additionally, I am constantly asked to create, implement, and assist with CS-related outreach events within the scope of other larger events. To date, I having helped to create and plan dozens of unique events that have been implemented several dozen times at the university and within the broader community. Some of these events include sessions for the Native American Summer Institute, the UWYO Women In STEM conference, and WYSTEM Saturday. In order to have a greater influence within the local cybersecurity community I have become a board member of a local non-profit, Made Safe in Wyoming, and I am one of the founding members of Information Systems Security Assurance (ISSA's) Wyoming chapter.

University Service

While I serve my technical community and our local community, I also have responsibilities within the university. Specifically, I serve as the director of the CEDAR center, the faculty advisor to the Defense Against the Dark Arts RSO AND National Society of Collegiate Scholars RSO, a mentor for students in the Wyoming Scholars Research Program (WSRP), a coach and mentor for our University National Cyber League participants and teams. I also serve our faculty directly as a member of several university committees and working groups (e.g., Digital Pillar, School of Computing, COVID, indirect cost redistribution), college committees/groups (appeals, Dean's search), and department committees (n=5; including faculty senate) - additionally I act as our ASEE campus representative which spans internal and external interests.

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My undergraduate and graduate student advising responsibilities have already been described within the teaching and scholarship sections though those responsibilities also coincide with my service and other responsibilities as I believe that our graduate students who are looking for research/academic-oriented careers need a well rounded exposure to all aspects of academia and industry-based research.